ONTAP Hardware

Migrate or move data...


We have a FAS2020a in location A and a FAS2020 in LOCATION B.

Is it possible to remotely migrate from one to another?

Keep all configuration, CIFS, LUNS, iscsi and of course data...

If yes, any how to's?

If not, what is the best way to do it?

Both of them licensed under our name and with an active support contract!




if you are talking simply about data then I would snapmirror everything to filer B.

snapmirror can be done based on qtree or  volume.

You can also copy the whole aggregate with its contents.

I'd say depends on amount of data what to use.


The point is, the secondary FAS has been reset to factory default.

Is it possible to restore  it exactly the same as primary FAS?

Or would i first have to configure it, network, licenses, create aggr. etc.. and then snapmirror?

Look, they are in diff. country, 2000 miles apart.


You will need to at least install SnapMirror license and configure networking.

You can also SnapMirror root volume, this will duplicate as much of configuration as possible. You will still need to reconfigure networking and reinstall licenses to remain compliant (licenses are filer specific).


Ok got it. Personally i would do the way described above by aborzenkov. There is no real dependency between filer's configuration and data stored on it.

1. Configure network on filer B

2.  License snapmirror on Filer B

3. move data.

these are three easy step (not in details) and much easier then pursuing one to one configuration.

It will take less time.