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NetApp FAS2240-4 write faster then read


Hi to everyone.

We have NetApp FAS2240-4 with 24x 1TB 7.2k in our company. Version ONTAP 8.1.4, and we will upgrade to 8.2.1.

We have 65 CIFS clients (Mostly Windows7 machines, few WinXP) and they work with 4GB files.

Let's say that about 10 clients writes or reads from the storage device at the same time. We have enabled SMB v2.1.

I noticed that the writing on the storage is faster than reading from it.

What are your suggestions of what to do so that we have maximum performance?

What could be the reason that writing is faster than reading?



NetApp was never brilliant with large sequential reads. Writes are written to NVRAM first & nicely coalesced, hence good performance. Reads could be slower, especially if volumes are fragmented.

Do not upgrade to 8.2.1, wait for 8.2.2.