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NetApp introduces new more powerful FAS3200 series


Today November 5, 2012, NetApp announced new additions to the FAS3200 Series midrange storage systems.  Delivering more value than ever before, the new FAS3200 Series provides a significant performance and scalability boost as compared to previous models.  The new FAS3220 system offers up to 80% more performance and twice the capacity of the FAS3210 system.  The new FAS3250 provides up to 70% more performance and 20% more capacity than the FAS3240.  What's more, these new systems are fully flash-optimized, supporting NetApp's entire end-to-end portfolio of Flash solutions. Flash Accel caches “hot” data in the server for extreme application performance needs, and Flash Cache and Flash Pools can both increase performance in the storage layer, and improve storage efficiency by enabling reductions in overall storage footprint and space requirements.

The new FAS3200 series serves as the optimal foundation for an agile data infrastructure, enabling business operations to run faster, scale further and be more efficient in use of storage. The clustered Data ONTAP on new FAS3200 series offers capabilities such as non-disruptive operations and seamless scaling to meet the ever changing requirements of today’s data driven environments. In addition, the V-series open storage controllers V3220 and V3250 extend the same values for your current storage investments in storage systems from major storage vendors.

For complete details, please see the NetApp FAS3200 product website:




Hi Nigam, The link in your post lands on FAS 2200 series page, the correct link is :



Thank NETAPPORATI. I have corrected the link in the post.


What cpu(s) does the new FAS3220 and FAS3250 offers use?

hopefully there atleast Westmere based.

**edit** just herd they might be reusing the motherboard and just new cpu's and diff ram config.

Intel® Xeon® Processor E5410 (12M Cache, 2.33 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB)

please confirm?


Hi Adam, I am FAS3200 product manager at NetApp. The new FAS3200 systems have same CPU architecture as existing FAS3200 series. Hope this helps. 


adam, they have the same cpus but 2 of them.


True for 3250 - it has 2x quad-core vs. 1x quad-core in 3240.

3220 has 1x quad-core vs. 1x dual-core in 3210.


great news ! I Hope these new platform will be able to upgrade on 8.2  release .... Past recent experience proved me that a 3240 could run well 8.0 and very bad on 8.1...

I wonder if these new platforms are a form of apologize from Netapp for having sold (and promoted on many blogs) the excellence and good performance of FAS3240 with Ontap 8.1 !


Hi dangreau - thanks so much for your post, and sorry to hear of the performance issues you have encountered.  Of course, all of our systems are designed to support subsequent Data ONTAP releases, and this is certainly true of the new FAS3220 and 3250 and upcoming versions.  Truly appreciate your business.


Are these new series already on hardware universe? (https://hwu.netapp.com/Controller/Index).


Yes, they are on the HWU.  Note that FAS3220 and 3250 require ONTAP 8.1.2.  Clustered ONTAP support for 3220/3250 will be added next week.  Thanks for posting!