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Netapp FAS2240 - Unable to discover the Second Controller using Netapp System Manager



We have recently received the Netapp FAS2240 for one our customer and we have started the installation as per the procedure provided by Netapp.

1) Initially we have installed the Netapp system manager in one our windows machine and started discovering the Netapp device, but we are unable to discover the same for Controller A

2) Then, we have connected the Serial to Ethernet cable and done the configuration using Hyper Terminal

3) And we have successfully discovered the Controller A and configured the device with the default configuration.

4) Then, we have done the same procedure for the Controller B, assign the IP to the management interface using Hyper Terminal and when we started discovering the device using Netapp system manager it is unable to discover the device, right now we have stuck in the middle of the configuration.

Please suggest an options to configure the both the Controllers.

Please revert if any more details required.





Hi Sunil,

First question, have you given an IP address to the e0M port on each controller and can you ping each controller from a computer on your network? If so, you should be able to add the IP address for the first controller in the HA pair to System Manager. If cluster fail-over is not yet configured correctly, System Manager should ask for the IP address of the partner controller. I would not recommend trying to do a discovery. Also, are you using the "System Setup" software that is designed to configured a FAS2240? I would recommend downloading all the documentation on this piece of software from this link: http://support.netapp.com/documentation/docweb/index.html?productID=61752&language=en-US

System Setup can be downloaded from this link: http://support.netapp.com/NOW/download/software/system_setup/2.3/

Good Luck,


Adam Bergh

twitter: ajbergh

Thanks Adam for your reply.

We have discovered the second controller using System Setup. Before that we have configured and re-initialised the disks on the new controller using Hyepr Terminal.

We have got the document from the below link to Add a second controller module to create an HA pair



Sunil Tumma


Hi Sunil,

Are you using System Manager or System Setup?