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Remove NetApp's Spare Disks Visibility


Hello people,

We have a question.

We're right now working with third party storage, we have a V-Series NetApp, and we're not using the NetApp disks, we've migrated all the vol_root volumes that used those disks to IBM disks.

The NetApp's Disks are right now working as Spare disks, and we would like to not longer seen them any more.

So, our doubt is, if we close the ports, that provide acces to them, we're not longer seen them as spare disks anymore, right?, or we need to do anything else?

We really appreciate your help.

Best Regards.



You will need to zero spares, remove ownership from these disks and then cold unplug shelves unless you have Data ONTAP 8.2.1 where hot shelf removal is supported.