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Network Configuration Checker and route add


Hi, I have a FAS2240-2 on which the network configuration checker complains about /etc/rc and /etc/hosts mismatch. I looks like this:

My /etc/rc and /etc/hosts look like this:

chgsto01> rdfile /etc/rc

hostname chgsto01

ifgrp create lacp ifgrp01g -b ip e0a e0b e0c e0d

vlan create ifgrp01g 1724 1725 1726

ifconfig ifgrp01g-1724 `hostname`-ifgrp01g-1724 netmask mtusize 1500 #NFS Network

ifconfig ifgrp01g-1724 alias `hostname`-ifgrp01g-1724-alias netmask #NFS Network alias

ifconfig ifgrp01g-1725 `hostname`-ifgrp01g-1725 netmask mtusize 1500 #ISCSI Network

ifconfig ifgrp01g-1726 `hostname`-ifgrp01g-1726 netmask mtusize 1500 #CIFS Network

ifconfig e0M `hostname`-e0M netmask mtusize 1500 #MGMT Network

route add default 10

route add net 1

routed off


chgsto01> rdfile /etc/hosts localhost localhost-stack localhost-10 localhost-bsd localhost-20 localhost-sk chgsto01 chgsto01-ifgrp01g-1726 #CIFS Network chgsto01-ifgrp01g-1724 #NFS Network chgsto01-ifgrp01g-1724-alias #NFS Network alias chgsto01-ifgrp01g-1725 #ISCSI Network      chgsto01-e0M #MGMT Network


In my opinion all interfaces are described in the /etc/hosts file and the route goes out of the interface chgsto01-ifgrp01g-1726 to the gateway Do I have to specify the route differently (i.e. route add net 1) pointing to the local interface? This way I depend on the router to proxy the ARP requests of the FAS2240-2.

Any hint is appreciated.



Hi Peter,

Were you ever able to resolve the mismatch as we are experiencing the exact same error?




For peter :

not the dot 0

route add net 172.27.224/19 1

For Mark :

not the dot 0

route add net 172.20.240/24 1