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New shelves detected, but disks are not recognized as spares?


Hi Guys,

System info: FAS 3040; Ontap v

We just put 2 new shelves on 2 different loop; one of them is the 6th shelf on the loop (3d) and the second is the first on the loop (3a; 4a)

Shelves are recognized and shelfcheck reports no errors,

here is the output of : /disk show -v




3d.86 CGYNNA01 (118055383) Pool0 P8GXZB5F
3d.84 CGYNNA01 (118055383) Pool0 P8GXZAYF
3d.85 CGYNNA01 (118055383) Pool0 P8GXPA5F
3d.91 CGYNNA01 (118055383) Pool0 P8GXMZTF
3d.81 CGYNNA01 (118055383) Pool0 P8GXRYEF
3c.39 CGYNNA01 (118055383) Pool0 9QG9LFQM
3d.82 CGYNNA01 (118055383) Pool0 P8GXLARF
3d.98 (151701276) Pool0 P8GTSG1F
3d.96 (151701276) Pool0 P8GUDK6F
3d.105 (151701276) Pool0 P8GULTUF
3d.101 (151701276) Pool0 P8GUB9HF
3d.100 (151701276) Pool0 P8GULMXF
3d.109 (151701276) Pool0 P8GULZ6F
3d.103 (151701276) Pool0 P8GUKKYF
3d.102 (151701276) Pool0 P8GUGUUF
3d.97 (151701276) Pool0 P8GULSMF
3d.106 (151701276) Pool0 P8GUG4VF
3d.104 (151701276) Pool0 P8GUGTZF
3d.108 (151701276) Pool0 P8GULVXF
3d.107 (151701276) Pool0 P8GU19AF
3a.25 (151701276) Pool0 P8GW9YNF
4a.22 (151701276) Pool0 P8GW9PPF


Disk assing is not successful

CGYNNA01> disk assign all -o CGYNNA01
disk assign: Could not find any unowned disks to assign.

Disks from new shelves do not apper in FilerView under STORAGE-DISKS-MANAGE, (under any type you choose to view),

Head was not restarted, have to wait till weekend to try that,

Any suggestion on how to get disks recognized?

Thank you for all the Help



Hi Alex

Disk show -v is showing you that the system IDs on disks are different.

[CGYNNA01 =18055383 it seems]. 151701276 needs to be reassigned to CGYNNA0's sysid

You will have to go into maintenance mode and reassign the disks to the system ID of your filer.

CGYNNA01 *> disk assign [priv set advanced provides more options]


reassign {-o <old_name> | -s <old_sysid>} [-n <new_name>] [-d <new_sysid>] - reassign disks from old filer
remove_ownership [<disk_name> | all | -s <sysid>] [-f] - revert/remove disk ownership


Hi Ritu,

Thank you very much,

Great help,

We will fix this on the weekend,

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