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Problem with 2020a 2ª controler


Hi all,

I am having problems with some machines we are installing 2020a and I like who told me if that happens you can be.

The environment is as follows:

-2x 2020a cabins with 2 controllers each, and 12 disks per array.

The main problem is that since the systemManager not see the second controller in each cabin, but if from serial connection, and from the browser when I access "http://ip2controller/na_root" I can manage it.

The steps I followed to configure them were more or less the following:

-Remove the aggregate default one from the boot options with the Option 4A because their volume is not flexible and was not letting us manage the disks.

-Update to 7.3.6 because the version they had was before and thought the problem might come from the parent version issues.

- Add the licenses to the machine.

-Set up root accounts from http://ip2controller/na_root type and edit options, minimum of spare disks and the like (since serial port).

Other things we've tested and practically ruled out are:

-Try to add it by hand instead of with the option to discover from the system manager, but nothing, since the machines reach the rest of the network by ping, but then can not see.

-The machines are connected through a swich, we have changed between several and control all types of communications open and to let nothing, we have also changed network range of ips, machine name ...

-We have disabled the ssl and ssh and again I re-certified if the issue could be encrypted communications ...

Can you think of that I can not see the second controller?

Thanks and a greeting.



Hello Aser,

I'm not sure whether you got this resolved or not but it typically sounds like a NetApp Global Support problem. However, you mention abouted destroying the default root aggregate and then re-building it and so on... this may only install the "light-weight" ontap so you may want to re-install the ontap over the top to give you the full features again.

One other thing regarding the System Manager connections.... you may want to ensure (probably a bit too obvious) SNMP details are correct on both the controller and the GUI.

Let me know if this of any use. I'm a little rusty on the PS side of thing now

Best Regards,



One other thing to try is running the cf-config-checker & config-advisor (previously known as wiregauge) tools to ensure both controllers are equally configured. These tools are downloadable from the NetApp Suport website (http://support.netapp.com/) under the tools section. even if that doesn't help this issue, it will potentially avoid any other miss-configuration issues.