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Rack requirement for v3270



We have two v3270 HA pairs ( controller part no v3270AE-BASE-R6, quantity 4), with 4 disk shelves of type DS4243. We have some power and space issues hence we are exploring the possibility of squeezing all four controllers and the disk shelves in a single rack. Is this at all possible, or do we must install two racks.

Am asking this because there seems to be enough space in a single Rack to accomodate all this, but would this break something?

Also our current power source is 20A , and we would like to keep them as is . I saw the specs and it seems this system needs 30 A PDU. Is it possible to make this work with 20 A source.

This is going to be a test bed for a few months hence we are not going for the best practises here , but we do need all ( disks and controllers ) to be working once installed and configured for our testing.





What kind of drives are in those shelves?

Component                                            Qty        Amps     Watts         VA          RUs        BTU/hr    Weight

FAS3270AE                                             1         2.13        398.00        418.95     3            1359.00    34.00

DS4243 24 (X412A) 600GB SAS 15k         1         2.87        547.00        575.79     4            1865.00    49.90

These are the power metrics for your components, you can multiply them up to see the total power you will need. You can swap out the PDUs in the cabinet for your own 20A ones if you like, you will need to be sure you have enough power available though obviously.


Thanks gridley,

We have 24x600GB SAS x2 Disk shelves and 24x2TB , 7.2k SATA drives x2 Disk Shelves. Could you also post the power metrics for the SATA drives or please point to a reference. Thanks.

Also any thoughts on whether i can pack all this stuff ( 4 controllers and 4 disk shelves) in a single rack without causing any power or front end /backend connectivity issues



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Can you give us the specifications on your PDUs and cabinet? 

You shouldn't have an issue squeezing all of this into one cabinet if nothing else is in it, but I'm not a power expert what so ever, so I will leave that up to someone else to explain.


We have the quote for CABINET-R5 ( X870C-QS-R6-C), which has 4 PDUs of 30 A, 1-phase (X8712C-R6-C). But our testing facility does not have 30 A supply. It has 20 A only hence the exercise to find whether this v3270 netapp gear can run on 20 A supply.


Apologies for not replying before - was out and about 🙂

As long as the current is below 20A (which it looks like it is) then you will be fine, but you can't plug the 30A PDUs into 20A sockets. You will need to get hold of 20A PDUs and replace the ones in the cabinet.