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Hello All!

We have FAS3140, Data ONTAP Version 7.3.4. We cabled our FAS3140 to 4 shelves through 2 switches Brocade 300. FAS3140 sees all disks and can work with them. Our cabling is done not according to NetApp recommendations and we want to change the cabling according to the best practices from NetApp technical reports. We have no zoning on switches Brocade 300. Will FAS3140 see the root volume if we recable according to the best practices from NetApp technical reports?

Thank you if you answer.



Connection of shelves via FC switches is supported only in fabric MetroCluster, in which case you need 4 (not 2) switches, only specific models with specific firmware versions are supported and there is precise step by step procedure how switches are configured.

Anything else may work but definitely does not agree with “best practice” ☺

Could you be more specific what you attempt to do?


Cabeling 31XX the cabeling part with FC Switches is only for SAN, not for between Controller and Diskshelfs.


For a Fabric Attached Metro Cluster you need 4 switches and a special setup, but i think the first fits for you. When not, its better to contact NetApp and talk about your plans.

cheers Soeren