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Removing SAS shelf from 2240 / leaving 2 controllers and SATA shelf


We are planning on removing our SAS shelf and relocating it to another netapp stack.

This will leave the current netapp 2240 with two controllers and the SATA disks.

Our plan is to remove the current aggr and vol from the SAS shelf that are currently owned by one of the controllers.

Then remove ownership of the SAS disks from that controller. Making us able to move the shelf.

However, one area we are worried about is that the current Aggr on the SAS disks holds the Vol0 for that controller.

I can Snapmirror that across to the SATA shelf. But there is already a Vol0 on that Sata shelf for the controller that ownes all the SATA disks.

Would I snapmirror Vol0 across and then rename it to Vol1 - assign ownership 50/50 between the SATA disks. And set it to be the Root for the once SAS controller?

Then I could remove the old vol0 from the SAS shelf - remove disk ownership and move the shelf.


Any advice would be appreciated.



Hi John, 


Quite sometime back i have also faced the same issue and what i did is to migrate the vol0 and destroy the old one and move the diskshelf out. Below is the complete procedure 



Please remember that moving a root volume requires a reboot of the controller.  
Therefore, i suggest to complete this activity in your Maintenance windows. 

It is always good to have a snapshot created before starting any migrations 

FASProd>snap create -V vol0 vol0_snap

 1.       Disable the cluster:  

FASProd>cf disable

2.       Check the size of current vol0:  
FASProd>df -Vh  vol0
3.       Create a new root volume on destination aggr:    
FASProd>vol create  vol0_new  dest_aggr  <SIZE>
4.       Copy the data to the new volume:
FASProd> ndmpcopy /vol/vol0  /vol/vol0_new ( Can also use Vol Copy )
 5.       Once copy is done now Rename the old root volume: 
FASProd>vol rename vol0 vol0_old
6.       Rename the new root volume:  
FASProd>vol rename vol0_new vol0
7.       Now change the new vol0 to be used as root volume 
FASProd> vol options vol0 root ---> This will promote new vol as ROOT volume
8.       Reboot the controller:  
9.       Confirm the destination aggr now hosts the root vol0:  
FASProd>vol status vol0  
10.   Once confirmed proceed to Offline and destroy the old volume
FASProd> vol offline vol0_old  
FASProd> vol destroy vol0_old
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If all SATA disks are owned by the other controller, that is not possible. You cannot relocate root disk to aggregate owned by another controller. You need free SATA disks to create aggregate owned by controller with SAS disks and then relocate root volume to this aggregate.

You may be able to change disk ownership of spare disks if you have enough of them.


Thanks for your help.


We only have one spare on the SATA shelf. So look like we will have to blow away the Aggr on SATA that includes Vol0 - (snapmirrored this across to the SAS shelf)

Recreate the SATA Aggr leaving 4 disks available.

Assign the 4 disks to the SAS controller.

Move the snapmirroed volumes back to the new Aggr on SATA.

Make another aggr with the 4 disks for the SAS controller.

Move the Vol0 for SAS to that aggr - Set As Root.

Blow away the SAS aggr and remove disk ownderships.

Remove the SAS shelf.

Reboot controllers.


The question we had was  will the SATA conroller run when we blow away the aggr to free up disks? The Vol0 for this controller is located in this location. We will copy it back after the new aggr is created.

I am hoping that only after a reboot that the changes would be seen.

Also using 4 disks is that overkill for just an aggr for Vol0?


PS this is a 7 mode environment.

You cannot reduce aggregate nor can you destroy root aggregate - you will need to reinstall filer.

You may be able convert raid_dp aggregate to raid4, this gives you additional spare disk to create new root aggregate. Old aggregate will be destroyed anyway, so it does not matter. Or you can reassign spare from m other controller.