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Replacing a FAS3140 with a FAS3240



We need to swap out our old clustered FAS3140 (7.3.6) heads for a clustered FAS3240 because we hit the disk limit. The existing unit has a mix for FC, SATA, and SAS shelves. Has anyone performed this before or know if it has been documented? I came across a NetApp document but it didn't apply to our systems/configuration.

Thanks in advance.




Are you a NetApp partner?  The "net2" app has documentation for controller swaps including "Upgrading a FAS31xx system to a FAS32xx system" documentation.  Your NetApp team or VAR can likely provide that PDF which contains information specific to 3140-->3240 head swap.  We have done a lot of these and create a custom plan for every upgrade (port to port mapping since ports change, checking for wwn/wwpn and lun serial numbers after swap for example, disk reassign, mailbox destroy commands, etc.)


I am not a partner I am just a customer. I can ask my reseller who is a partner. Is this document something they can provide me with?


I think so... I don't see NDA written on them but are PS documents not for regular public view anywhere else I can find.  Your partner or netapp likely will want to be involved in the controller swap if you haven't done one before... it is a set fee typically and even our experienced customers often have us do them for them since it isn't an every day event.


Got it. Thanks for steering me in the right direction.


Documents were and still are publicly available on support site; it is just that the link was lost from documentation pages after site redesign. Need to make a search …


Glad I'm not alone... I have been struggling with the change since now became support... some things make more sense but others just are missing or can't find them.


I was finally able to find the document: