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Root Volume Sizing on 2650 with ADP


I have deployed 2650 filer and created a new aggregate for SVM and it took 5 dirves and ADP is enable.  New aggregate total size is 4.27 TB out of which root svm is allocated 1 GB and used space is 972 MB free space.  We have another 7 disk  partitioned as spare drives and would like to know can I use root SVM aggregate for data volumes to the same SVM.  



You don't really create an aggr per SVM.   (but you technically can)  


Are the other disks owned by the same node?     



Root aggr and SVM is different thing, root aggr is for ONTAP OS, we called vol0,

SVM can put to Data Aggr, if your have ADP enabled, the root aggr should be very small,


can you out put "aggr status -r" and vol status