ONTAP Hardware

SAS Port Swap


I have a FAS3210 running ONtap 8.1.4 7-mode.


I have a quad port sas card with 4 shelves attached. --- see picture

I want to remove this SAS card and use the on-board SAS ports so that I can install a FlashCache card.

Can anyone think of any gotcha's? 

Do I need to take the system totally down (both filers to complete)





Existing Cable Diagram.pngDesired Cabling.png



NetApp supports hot SAS port change, but I think it is supported starting with 8.2.1. See https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=2023388 For details. If you can arrange for downtime, it is always the safest bet.


If you were just swapping ports maybe.  But you are merging two stacks.  Need a full outage for that.


Also, please don't cable it that way.



controllerA-0a -> Shelf00-IOMA-Square

controllerB-0a -> Shelf00-IOMB-Square


controllerA-0b -> Shelf10-IOMB-Circle

controllerB-0b -> Shelf10-IOMA-Circle






Great Thank you! I'll schedule down time.


You can change the source SAS connection as long as the node is down or taken over.  If the same stack from PCI to onboard all good for all releases since it is not a hot shelf removal, but a source port reconfiguration.  Make sure the node is down...I like to boot to maitnenance mode to check sasadmin expander_map and sasadmin shelf then halt and boot to giveback.  Also take note of the other post about merging stacks which isn't supported like this..not an issue if moving an existing stack as is..