ONTAP Hardware

SRA SRM Array based replication


Hi folks,


We're trying to set up array based replication on SRM 8 (ontap 9.6) and it keeps failing when trying to discover the devices on the replicated side. Array replication is setup and happily syncing away yet each time we discover devices, we get the following error :

Operation Failed SRA command 'discoverDevices' failed. Device is not mapped. For a NAS device, ensure that it is exported with proper rw rules and VMkernel IP addresses. For a SAN device, ensure that it is mapped to an igroup of ostype VMware.

On the replicated side, the SAN luns are mapped to an igroup : 

           Igroup Name: iscsi_dr_ig
              Protocol: iscsi
               OS Type: vmware

Does anyone have any idea on where we're going wrong ? Its starting to drive me insane and I'm struggling to find the reason why!!




- J.




I'd open a case so our VIrtualization folks can maybe take a look and see. We may need to look at detailed logs. Also have you opened a ticket with VMware?