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SSD with FAS



i got a few simple Questions about V-Series and SSD (i think they are easy but i didn´t find some up-to-date documentation)

- as far as i know is the only possibility to use SSD with NetApp´s V-Series or is there a possibility to use SSD with FAS Systems as well ?

- my latest information about SSD is that NetApp Supports only the RamSan-500 from Texas Memory Systems. Is this correct ?

- Do i have to possibility to use "normal" Disks when i already use SSD ? I mean could i use SSD and FC concurrent ?

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AFAIK NetApp looking for "classic" SSD inside disk shelves, but it's still a future plans.

Look at Flash Cache (PAM-II) as a more advanced and smart approach.


Currently SSDs are only supported on V-Series.  Talk to your sales team about FAS (can't talk futures here).

Currently only certain TMS arrays are supported with V-Series

You can use NTAP shelves and SSDs on the same V-Series starting with ONTAP 7.3 (7.3.2+ are GD releases).

As stated already in this thread, FlashCache is available on FAS today and works for lots of environments.