ONTAP Hardware

Seems I hit a new disk shelf bug on the DS4243 ID# 472649


This bug seems to deal with a disk showing up on the same port on the disk shelf. and thus taking the filers from a Multi-Path HA Configuration to a Mixed-Path HA Configuration.   Any one hit this bug on the DS4243 shelves?  Support does not seem to know the resolution yet and no workarounds.

Disk Path information

1a.13.0 B 1b.13.0 A 2 0

1a.13.1 B 1b.13.1 A 2 1

1a.13.2 B 1b.13.2 A 2 2

1a.13.3 A 1b.13.3 A 2 3  <- Disk shows up on same port instead of alternatnating causing filer to go into a mixed path configuration.



NetApp found the bug to be related to certain SAS 450GB disk drives.   If you have this issue you may want to talk to NetApp about it as you may have been included with the batch of drives in certain depot's.