ONTAP Hardware

recently acquired used FAS /wo drives...now what?



I recently aquired a used FAS270C without any diskdrives, but not really sure where to start since i'm still a newbie.  I got the FAS270C for a really good price but now i just need to make sure it works and buy some hard drives for it.  We have a 3140 in production so i'm somewhat familiar in the basic operational aspects of OnTap.

Can I start the FAS270C without any drives and verify that everything looks good.  How should I go about this?

Any other suggestions is greatly appreciated.




You need minimum 3 drives per controller for root volume to run the system.




You can boot FAS as far as maintenance boot or load diagnostic. Diag can be used to verify hardware. Documentation is available on NOW.

It is not possible to fully boot DataONTAP without hard disks and configured root volume.


Do you know if the DS14MK2 is compatible with the FAS270c.  My plan is to purchase a used DS14MK2 with 14x144 drives and pull the drives out of the shelf and plug them into the FAS270.  Even though i'm swapping the drives into the FAS270c, i would still like to know if the DS14MK2 is compatible or not.

I ran basic diagnostics at the CFE prompt and during one of the test it returned "misc. test suite failed."  Any ideas?

last boot ontap version was 7.0.4

diag version 4.4.1

cfe version 1.2.0 based on broadcom cfe 1.0.35