ONTAP Hardware

Slow Boot process on Node A Controller with FAS9000 Storage





This is a new FAS9000 running ONTAP 9.1 P10 Release.

The issue we are facing is with slow boot process on Node A Controller.

During the boot we found that it was much slower (10 minute more) than Node B.

The loading process is stuck in the following two steps:


  1. NetApp Data ONTAP 9.1P10 – On this step is stay hangs for about 3-4 minutes
  2. Firewall rules loaded – On this step is stay hangs for 6-7 minutes.



We swap the Node A Controller with Node B and still the issue on the same location of node A.

Has anyone seen such issue?


Many Thanks,





Please open a NetApp technical case to troubleshoot this, further.

Be prepared to provide EMS logs (or AutoSupport is enabled).

One thing they might also ask is for you to attach to the serial console and unmute the output to better see where the hangs are occurring.


Thanks , I open one.


I would like to update that the issue was with the NVMe media on slot 6-2, we replaced the SSD drives on that slot.

The following command show us that there is an issue with slot 6-2 :

run -node * -command sysconfig –a


The output show only SSD slot  6-1 on NODE A and not 6-2 as you can see below: