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We have purchased new FAS2650 storage with 30*1.8TB SAS and 7*400GB SSD HDD. We created the two data aggregate using the SAS disk and created storage pool using 6+1 SSD disk.The storage pool 50% allocation units assigned to one data aggregate and other 50% allocation units assigned to another data aggregate.


In future, we plan to assign the 75% allocation units assigned to one data aggregate and other 25% allocation units assigned to another data aggregate. Its possible to configure, if it is possible anyone  shares the procedure for the same


For example:





Once you assign them, you cant make changes.


After you add an SSD to a storage pool, you cannot remove it, just as you cannot remove disks from an aggregate. If you want to use the SSDs in a storage pool as discrete drives again, you must destroy all Flash Pool aggregates to which the storage pool's allocation units have been allocated, and then destroy the storage pool.




One small interpretation change to the reconfigure -


If you wanted to go 75/25 instead of 50/50 in the future, you don't have to destroy the existing storage pool.  You do have to destory the existing aggregate, as mentioned - any storage added to an aggregate is permanent.


In this case, before loading up too much, I'd consider the following.


Assume aggregates A and B, each with 50% of storage pool SP assigned.  Move all volumes from aggregate A to aggregate B (if space allows).  Then delete aggregate A.  This frees the 50% of the storage pool previously allocated to aggregate A for reassignment, just as the physical disks that were in aggregate A are freed for reassignment.


Then assign a 25% chunk of SP to aggregate B.  Aggregate B now has it's 75%.  Recreate aggregate A-new the same way aggregate A was before if that's appropriate, then assign the last 25% of SP back to it.  Move data that you want on the 25% aggregate from B to A-new.


To clarify - if you wanted to use the SSD disks in the SP for something else ( a different storage pool, a flash pool, an SSD aggregate), then yes, you'd first have to destroy all the aggregates to which any of the Storage Pool was assigned.  If you simply want to reassign storage from an SP to a different aggregate, as in this case, you need only destory the aggregate that owns the SP space you wish to reallocate.  Other aggregates can stay as they are.



Hope this helps you.


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Senior Systems Engineer | cStor

NCIE SAN ONTAP, Data Protection





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