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Use LED_ON to identify a failed disk but result is wrong


hi team, I have a question and need some advice ,thanks in advance!

I have 2 sets of  4324 DS attached to  a pair of 3210 filers. The DS code on front panel is not set yet, so they both are 00 currently. We have a plan to set it up in future maintenance window. For now, we plan to use the shelf ID and shelf SN in the disk name when I ran "storage show disk -T" and "disk show -a" to identify the disk in shelf when a disk failed. Is this OK? the ONTAP is 8.1.1 . I found there is one thing confused me. WHen I run "led_on 0a.SHxxxx.22", it aluminates  on  disk 22 . but it light on the same disk when I run "led_on 0b.SHxxxx.22". which is wrong. Anyone can advice what happened and how to fix , better without down time?

And when I run "storage show disk -T" , it has a column of shelf ID,which is 3 digit like 166, 167, is this the shelf ID we talked generally or different? the front panel also called shelf ID but that's only 2 digit?

Please advise,thanks!




Every SAS shelf connected to FAS must have unique id.


as aborzenkov said, every shelf must have it's unique ID. as you have two shelfs with the same ID, it automatically

changed it to a random three digit number. you need to change the ID of the second shelf on the frontpanel. you can

do this now, but you need to powercycle the shelf to take effect. so a downtime is required!

btw: shelf type 4324 doesn't exist, do you mean 4243?