ONTAP Hardware

V-Series Performance


I have migrated from and HP-EVA to a V-Series that uses the HP-EVA for it's disks.  After the migration I have noticed my peformance has been greatly reduced for reads.  Backups of VM's using VCB that used to take 1hr are now taking 4hrs to complete.  The number of backend disks is still the same, what needs to be changed on the V-Series to improve the performance?  My entire SAN is 4Gb FC and the number of paths has not changed from using the HP-EVA directly to using the V-Series in front of the HP-EVA.  Any ideas would be very helpful.  My guess is that the V-Series is not drving the EVA hard enough.



The behavior your are describing is not typical and its not very efficient  to work thru these issues on a community site.

I would suggest you open a support case with NetApp NGS.  They would be in a better position to help capture data and understand what is happing on your system.