ONTAP Hardware

V-series migrations from EMC VMAX 40k to VMAX450AF w synmirror: do we need pool0 at end ?


Embarking on a syncmirror migration from V3240 (and then PRD V3270) filers (ONTAP 8.2.3P6 7-mode) from EMC VMAX40k to new All-Flash VMAX 450AF


We have presently locally mirrored rootvol and vfiler root volumes (ie local p0 and p1 plexes)..... and a single p0 data plex. 


Plan is to present identical set of luns from the 450AF and use syncmirror to create new plexes on the new EMC hardware. 


Break existing rootvol & vfiler root vol p0 plexes and resync with new luns from the 450A. 


Make new p1 plex from the 450AF luns for our data aggr. 


Finally detach the p0 data plex. 


This will leave a mixture of p0/p1 plexes for rootvol and vfiler roots, and a p1 plex only for our data aggregate.


Question i have is it permitted to have a single p1 plex for data , i.e the absence of a p0 plex .....will this cause trouble later or are p0 p1 simply used by convention to denote local / remote and as long as any new disks are manually  assigned to p1 for data all will be ok ?


I don't believe it's manually possible to renumber an existing plex , i.e renumber data plex from p1 to p0, even if no pre-existing p0 plex. 



Hope this question makes sense ! Thanks ....