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What the best solution for FAS2520 to manage disk


Hi all !

I have ordered a FAS2520 system with 2 controllers, 4x200GB SSD, 8x4T HDD.

Each controller user 2 SSDs for root aggregate -->root volumes(RAID4), 4 HDDs for data agrregate with RAIDDP.

I need to advise for this solution, is this solution best ? Or Can I use other solution for my system ?

Thank you very much ! 



Please do not use the SSD for the root aggregate.


The disk configuration you ordered is usually intended for FlashPools (Hybrid Aggregates).


Also, you should be configuring this system using ADP (Advanced Disk Partitioning) in order to get the most usable capacity.


Did you order implementation services from your re-seller or from NetApp?