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I am wondering if there is a complete published list of all the available boot loader options.


I have a FAS3200 controller in our test enviroment that has a faulty dimm and I rebooted the controller to see if it would go away but then it hung on boot with an invalid memory config. I once rember this happened to another FAS3250 and support provided a temp boot loader option to bypass the memory check to get the controller to boot.

It  was something like "bootarg.init.no-dimm-config-check" or "bootarg.init.allow_invalid" which sorta got me thinking why isn't there a kb article with them all?

or perhaps "setenv bootarg.init.validate_hw false"




Here are some I know...


LOADER> setenv bootarg.init.console_muted false
LOADER> printenv bootarg.init.console_muted
LOADER> unsetenv bootarg.init.console_muted


setenv bootarg.init.usebootp false
setenv bootarg.init.boot_clustered true
setenv bootarg.init.flash_optimized false
setenv bootarg.bsdportname e0M

setenv bootarg.init.switchless_cluster.enable true

setenv bootarg.init.bootmenu false





I know there is a bunch of boot loader options specific to the Virtual Ontap-V.


setenv bootarg.init.env_shutdown_override

setenv bootarg.nvram.skip_battery_failure




replacing the memory module didn't quite work either 🙂



Hi Adam,


A couple of comments...


  1. With the exception of the FAS6200 series of platforms, the Data ONTAP policy has been to not boot if it ever had less than the required system RAM.
  2. With very few exceptions, bootloader options are undocumented because they can be dangerous if mis-set. They should only be changed when instructed to do so by NetApp Support.

If you're having problems with DIMMs, please open a technical case to troubleshoot and resolve it.