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disk assignment on FAs2040


I am new to netapp and hope someone can recomend me this.

I have FAS2024 with dual controllers with HA pair.

filerA has aggregate 0 with 12 interanl disks(830GB SATA) and filer B has 24 disks with an 4243 disk shelf.

Both aggregates are configured with Raid Size=20 .

My questions are these.

1- Can I assign disks from a new shelf (Ds4243 with 24*2.2TB) for both filers?, that is, 12 disks for filer A and other 12 disks are for filerB

2- if I can assign how do I assign the 2.2TB to existing aggregate in a new Raid group, becuase the esisting RG has 830GB and do not want to mix larger disks?



It's possible to do that but as the aggregates are already created you'd have to destroy the root aggregate (effectively the controller) on B and rebuild it with 12 disks, then give the other 12 to controller a and create a new 12 disk x 2TB aggregate. if you add them to aggregate 0 with the 830s it will 'rightsize' the 2TBs down to 830.

You won't gain that much by doing this and it's normal to have mixed systems. What is it you're trying to achieve?

If it's a brand new shelf you can expand controller b's aggregate by 12 disks and add a new 12 disk aggregate to controller a. This is supported and probably your best bet. Might also be worth poking your reseller as some of the new 2240's have better capacity and there are usually upgrade offers on at this time of year.



I did not give enough infomation , am buying a new shelf So I do not need destroy the aggregate.

Is it possible me to assign spare disks to new RG into the existing aggregate

> aggr add aggr0 -g disk1, disk, 2, disk3


It's possible to add the disks to the aggregate on a either a new RG or add to an existing (depending on the amounts in there already). The only caveat would be that if you add the disks to the Aggregate with smaller drives already, they will be downsized to match. In this case you will get a better return on the size by creating a new aggregate on that controller. Any volumes that are short on space can be move between aggregates with the vol move command.

It's a bit easier to see what is going on if you use the OnCommand System Manager to do the disk addition. This is a free download.


if you add the disks to the Aggregate with smaller drives already, they will be downsized to match.

Not if you add an entirely new RAID group - still, this is not a recommended approach (as you pointed out, creating a new aggregate is better)