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disk firmware upgrade on remaining disks



We performed disk firmware upgrade and there were a few disks that did not get the upgrade. I read that this happens when there is offline volumes. Those that that offline volumes use do not get included. We have removed the offline volumes already. How can I trigger the disk firmware to resume on those remaining disks?





The background disk firmware update will be completed unless the following conditions are encountered:

    Degraded volumes are on the storage system.

    Disks needing a firmware update are present in a volume or plex that is in an offline state.

Automatic background disk firmware updates will resume when these conditions are addressed.

In case it didn't happen, please check if Automatic background disk firmware updates are overridden when the disk_fw_update command is issued.

Note: Automatic background disk firmware updates are enabled by the raid.background_disk_fw_update.enable option, which is set to on by default. The value of this option can be overridden during a high-availability takeover, when the disk_fw_update command is issued, or when a disk firmware update is required for disks in a RAID4 aggregate. You are advised not to change the default value unless you are directed to by technical support.

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I did remove the offline volumes, should I just wait for the filer to detect the disks that need firmware upgrade?

Yes, this functionality is controlled by the registry entry raid.background_disk_fw_update.enable. The default value for this option is on. When enabled or set to "on”,  background disk_fw_update will update firmware in automated mode

You can validate it by issuing sysconfig -a after a hour or two.