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we have Fas2050 and we are receiving following error messages ,

Wed Dec 12 11:47:50 PKT [fas2050:Scsitarget.PartnerPath.misconfigured]:Fcp Partner Path Misconfigured - Host I/O access through a non-Primary and non-Optimal Path was detected.

[fas2050:ems-engine.InputSuppres:error ]: Event 'Scsitarget.PartnerPath.misconfigured' Suppressed 200 times since Wed Dec 12 11:47:34 PKT.

please guide





You may need to tell us a little bit more about your configuration especially your fabric/fibre infrastructure, and host configuration.

Ideally with a NetApp cluster and FCP hosts you'd have two HBAs in the host each connected to a separate fabric switch, each switch would then have a connection to each NetApp head. This provides redundancy in case of the failure of an HBA, a fabric switch or a filer.

Assuming the lun is on Filer1, in normal working the host will see 4 paths to it.

HBA1 to SW1 to the Filer1 directly

HBA2 to SW2 to the Filer1 directly

HBA1 to SW1 to the Filer1 through the interconnect with Filer2

HBA2 to SW2 to the Filer1 through the interconnect with Filer2

There a few things that could be happening in your case:

1. Things are connected wrongly or the fabric switch are not configured properly and the only path the host is seeing to its lun is via the filer interconnect.

2. Some traffic is going through interconnect when the preferred path is busy and you've nothing much to worry about.

3. The host system is using all the FC paths with equal priority, you may be able to change this behavior, depends on the O/S and HBA driver.

A few commands to run the filer command to determine the situation.

lun stats -o will give a an outlook a bit like this

   /vol/yourvol/yourlun.lun  (13 days, 23 hours, 46 minutes, 46 seconds)

        Read (kbytes)   Write (kbytes)  Read Ops  Write Ops  Other Ops  QFulls  Partner Ops Partner KBytes

        2574820375      5211323117      9785526   208670967  112320     0       30619       16

Do a bit of maths, compare column 8 to the sum of column 1 and column 2. If it's more than 25% I say you've a serious problem.

lun stats -z reset the counters to zero.

Good luck


Thank you very much for the reply

Ist the config you have narrated  above is same with us  and the filer is working fine since last 3 yrs and  now this problem arose so let me do the command u have told me and will get back to u.

Thank you for your time