ONTAP Hardware

fiber channels not seen in esxiI

I have 9 fas2040s. After zeroing the disks on 5, I cannot get the fiber channels to come online so the storage adapters are visible in the VM ware client. Neither the fcp config nor the the fcadmin command work. The switches, -t, -d, etc don't work. The commands like "target " or "initiator" don't work. I am running version 4 4170s, Ontario The flat tool may or may n pot work. It may or may not zeroize the filer(s). any help I can get is appreciated.

Did you install FCP license?


The system wot let me install the license. On the occasion that it has installedl the license, the channels
still cannot be seen in the esxi. 


Ok .What do I need to do to install the license? After that, what do I do then to get the channels brought online? Remember that the "fcadmin" commands dont work.

This system recognizes "fcp config". It doesnt recognize the switches, the "target" commands, or the switches -t, or  -d.