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how to add lun array of 3rd party


Hi Experts,


I'm new to netapp and I would like to know how to add lun array.


In our  Company , We are using V series - V3140 filer ,  Ontap 8.2 , Aggr 64 Bit.







To begin with you need a FlexArray license


Thanks for the response.


Once we have the license , How to add a lun array to Hosts?


Which is same a normal lun assignment ?


For example:


pri> vol create vol1 aggr1 10g
pri> vol status
pri> ping <windows ip address>
pri> lun create -s 7g -t windows /vol/vol1/newlun
pri> lun show
pri> igroup create -i -t windows igroup_name iqn.1991-05.com.microsoft:chennai
pri> igroup status
pri> lun map /vol/vol1/newlun igroup_name


ALso , How to identify lun array(3rd party ..like emc , hitachi .....) over general luns.
Is there any commands to distinguish



Thanks & Regards,




Have you had a look at the FlexArray Implementation Guide?





Thanks for the link  Smiley Wink , I got some of the information.


Coming to my other question  , In sysconfig -a /sysconfig -r outputs you will get mixed outputs , where as i want to distinguish genral luns (From disks in shelfs ) & lun arrays , I just want to know whether it is possible to distinguish luns from ( disk shelf) as one outputs and lun arrys(EMC , HItachi ,HP XP IBM XP) as other output , It would be helpful in while adding disks in lun array.


Thanks in Advance,




sysconfig -a / -r will not give you any LUN information, sysconfig -r will give you aggregate / RAID / disk info. When you add in the frreign disks, create an aggregate for those disks, then a volume(s) and then your Lun(s)



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