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how to manage the Netapp FAS


How to manage the Netapp FAS



There are many documents covering that on NOW. For instance...

For Data ONTAP 7.3


For Data ONTAP 8.0 7-mode





There's multiple ways to manage the system(s).

As previously mentioned, you have the Netapp System Manager MMC plugin, this is a good start for those with a windows background, but is far from being a full featured managment console.  I would estimate it does about 50% of everything we need to do.

Second is "Filer View" which is the web based management console for the FAS systems.    You can access this directly by using the following url:

https://NAME_or_IP_of_FAS/servlets/netapp.fv.servlets.FilerView    (assumes you have ssl enabled, if not try http:// instead).   I feel filer view provides about 80% functionality to administration tasks.

You can use windows computer manager --> system tools --> shared folders to manage CIFS shares.  This tool is installed on every windows machine.  In XP just right click "My Computer", select manage, then right click on "Computer Managment Local" and point it at the filer or vFiler you wish to manage.  You can also use this tool to manage local users and groups to a degree.

Last but not least is the command line interface.   CLI gives you 100% functionality.  You can access this through the serial console port, OR by telnet, or by SSH to the FAS system.

Also notable is that most FAS systems are clustered, meaning it's 2 systems.  You have to manage each separately. I've read that newer versions of Ontap change intorduce a "unified" something something, but none of our systems have been upgraded to that yet.   So, "typicaly",  to manage a single Netapp cluster, you will need to manage the two cluster nodes separately using a combination of the 3 methods posted above.   I typically will have 2 browsers (filer view) and two putty (ssh) sessions open at any given time while managing our v3140 system.

We use the multistore product for vFilers, and it seems neither GUI option is able to change its context to that of a vFiler, hence we are forced to use command line alot more than what might be considered "normal".

Hope this helps, have a nice day!



Download and install NetApp System Manager from now.netapp.com. Remember though to read through all the user guides associated with it.



i recommend the "getting started"-area at fieldportal: https://fieldportal.netapp.com

If you´re using System Manager please be sure you are using the latest Patchrelease:



Thanks for the suggestions Rob.

FieldPortal is a Sales based NetApp site and unfortunately is not externally available to all users.

For general information the best place to go is http://now.netapp.com


You should use MEI application:

1. System manager:

which can be downloaded from now site.

2. Install DFM and use NMC:

DFm can be found in now site again the software name in now site is "Operations manager, provisioning manager and protection manager"

3. If you have enabled java scriptlets, just use http://<filer ip>/na_admin to access filer view from which you can manage

4. Finally do an ssh connection to your FAS filer to access cli.