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iSCSI and ifgrp


Can I run iSCSI over a vif.

I have a pair of FAS3240s with a dual port 10GbE adapater in each.  I was planning on creating a LACP ifgrp containing the two 10GbE ports and then assigning 3 VLANs to this ifgrp, 2 for iSCSI and 1 for CIFS e.g.

ifgrp create lacp vif10g -b ip e1a e1b

vlan create vif10g 12 31 32

ifconfig vif10g-12 netmask partner vif10g-12 trusted -wins

ifconfig vif10g-31 netmask partner vif10g-31 mtusize 9000 trusted -wins

ifconfig vif10g-32 netmask partner vif10g-32 mtusize 9000 trusted -wins

Yes my VLAN 12 is a 23 bit network not a 24  bit, hence the netmask.

My Hyper-V hosts will have a dual port iSCSI HBA in them, one port configured for VLAN 31 and one port configure for VLAN 32.  I will install the Data ONTAP MPIO DSM.  Is this a working solution?  I had something in the back of my mind that the iSCSI ports should be on a dedicated NIC but I can not find any documentation to support this thought now.  I think it was in one version of the VMware Best Practices TR document.  Or is it just at the host that you should not aggregate the ports? 

Some of the hosts will not have hardware iSCSI HBAs in them so I will use standard Ethernet adapters and the Microsoft Software iSCSI initiator, I guess this does not make a difference to how the iSCSI interfaces are configured on the FAS, i.e. if what I am doing is a working solution for a hardware iSCSI HBA it will also work for a software iSCSI initiator.



Hi Calvin

Yes you can you ISCSI over VIF and MPIO for load balancing . The one part which I am not sure is each portsin the adapter using diffrent VLAN and part of the same LUN. Please find the commnity link below where one of the community memeber has given a good example with the solution


Please revert back for any details