ONTAP Hardware

[netapp1: raid.root.unmirrored:error]: Root volume is not mirrored. A takeover of this filer may not be possible in case of a disaster.


Subj. This is a message which is logged at both 3170 heads which are configured as a cluster. License is  installed and cf options are configured. But the the message above appears in both heads at least twice a day. Any suggestions?

Also, here is a screenshot from DFM



Which version of ONTAP are you running and which licenses are installed on the 3170s?

It looks like you might have a cluster_remote license installed.

Are you planning on using this system in a metro cluster configuration?

ONTAP is v8, 7-mode.

And yes, you are correct, there is cluster_remote license installed but there are no plans to use that system in metro cluster.

So, it this message only related to metro cluster config and could be ignored?

I had the same experince on a FAS3240 cluster running 8.0.1RC3 7-mode.

I believe the message is related to metro cluster but cannot find the original KB article that led me to that conclusion when I first encountered this message.

Rather than face the possible confusion caused by this message I choose to uninstall the cluster_remote license on the system as I did not need the functionality that the license provided.

Once I did that the message stopped appearing.

In my cause this was a lab system and I could easily rebuild it if I had made the wrong decision in uninstalling the license.

Before removing licenses from a system you may want to check with your NetApp sales team / reseller or NetApp support to make sure your actions don't have any unintentional consequences.

I did some digging around on why I was seeing this message in the first place and I believe its not something to do with ONTAP 8 specifically but rather changes that NetApp have made in their software license bundles which means systems now are shipped with a cluster_remote license installed as part of the basic license package.  However this is more supposition on my part right now rather than actual fact.

Hope this helps.


Thank you. In this case I simple leave the stuff as is. I think screenshot from DFM is something to do with cluster_remote license. I'd expect that removeing that license would correct the output from the DFM.

Any information on this?

Can this be ignored? Can the message be disabled? Or is the solution removing the cluster_remote license?


simply remove the cluster_remote license and the message will disappear. The only impact it will have is that it will disable the "cf takeover -d" command, which is only meaningful in MetroCluster environments. If you have a simple (non-syncmirrored) cluster, you don't need the cluster_remote license.

You can always add it back later if you decide to use MetroCluster



Here is the bug link with an explanation and the workaround:  http://now.netapp.com/NOW/cgi-bin/bol?Type=Detail&Display=496375


IIRC 8.1 will obsolete free licenses. I wonder what is the situation there.


This is now fixed in version 8.1.1 (GA). see bug detail: http://now.netapp.com/NOW/cgi-bin/bol?Type=Detail&Display=496375