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new aggregate says only one spare disk


when I try to createa new aggregate. It says it only has one spare disk and will not allow me to create a agg. any idea?



How about you add a little more information... None of us has a crystal ball.

The first idea that comes to mind is that the system really does just have one spare disk ... or at least of the type that the system wants to use.


this is a fas3210.  It has a aggr0 and 2 more aggrs created initially. But when I go to add another aggr. it says I have only 1 spare.

here is a diagram


Yes, and the system was right.  In your list of disks, there is only one spare.

Now that we have established the facts, why is this fact so confusing for you?


does it mean I have maxed out on this shelf? 


Well, I'm no huge fan of using filerview.  I have no idea what you bought or if all of the disks are assigned or not.

What the filer is telling you is what the filer knows.  Whatever else you know you still haven't stated.

You have currently one spare disk on that controller.  "Maxed-out" doesn't seem to be the correct term... apparently "used-up"...


looks like I am looking at the disks from one controller or management. When I go to the other controller I can create a new aggregate. But I dont understand why I cannot manage everything from one controller


hehe... well, because you can't.  The disks are assigned to a controller and disk operations are done by that controller until a failover operation occurs.

It would seem you need to crack open some documentation or take a class or two

Good luck.


Training is always good...and another thought with more posts we are seeing... I am not sure where the team who sold the product is and why they are not involved in helping setup for a first time user.  I love it when my customers read and find new things on their own, but if it takes one of our SEs 10 minutes to teach or do what might take the customer a day, we should have 10 minutes built into the sale to save everyone the time..  With a few hours of simulator training most have good day-to-day knowledge and know what to look for in the manuals.  Plus having a system setup to best practices day one saves having to redo it later... just my rant


where can i find more documentation/training?



Do you have a NOW account to login into now.netapp.com?  If so, on the front page there are links to NetApp University where you can attend instructor led or web-based training courses (for a fee).


I also recommend reading a couple of the guides in the documentation set. The System Administration Guide and the Storage Management Guide cover a lot of the fundamentals and the tasks you'll do from day-to-day.  https://now.netapp.com/NOW/knowledge/docs/ontap/rel801/

I highly recommend the IBM Redbooks on Data ONTAP - very well written and easy to read - http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/abstracts/redp4671.html?Open