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relocate system volume from one aggr to another


hi everybody

I have FAS 3140 ,my system volume is locate in mirrored aggr of 450gb disks shelf (both shelf will be remove at the end ).

how to relocate the system volume to another aggr ? .

your help please




Keep in mind this has to be on the same controller,

Take a snapshot of your vol0

Make a new volume with the root volume size requirements called "vol00" in the aggregate you wish to move the root volume.

1. You will use the ndmpcopy command to migrate your root volume to the target aggregate. Ensure that NDMP is configured correctly by entering the following commands:


            > options ndmpd.enable on

            > options ndmpd.authtype challenge

2. Migrate the data by entering the following command at the storage system prompt:

            > ndmpcopy /vol/vol0 /vol/vol00

3. set vol00 as the root volume

          > vol options vol00 root

4. reboot

5. offline vol0 and rename vol00

            > vol rename vol00 vol0

            > vol offline vol0

Let me know if you have any questions!


Here is a  really good KB article that should help!


thanks for your answer

I forget to tell the controller is in metrocluster state ,this it matters?