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removing the disk shelve


I mixed the big and samll disks in raid groups and looking for  an option to re- claim the space.

This is what I did.

We have fas2024 with a disk shelf1 which has had 24 disks off 600GB.

Aggr0 RG0(20 disks)  and RG1 (3 disks) then I installed anothe disk shelf 2 with 24 disks with 2TB.

Assiged the disk whithout chaging the raid size in the aggregate for new RG so the bigger disk will have its own RG, but the RG1 became 20*800 ( 3 *800+17*2TB=20*800)

I am loosing ton of space.

I am looking for a solution to fix this.

I have a SAS disk shelf with 24 disk for another filer. I can use this for temporarily to do something to fix my mistake

1- Can I install this SAS shelf and replace the disk on the RG1 with this drives drives then create new aggregate assign the 2TB disks to new aggregate then destroy the aggro  and remove the sas shelf?

2. Buy an another shelf with 800GB disk and replace the disks and create new aggregate an assign 2TB to new aggregate?

I will appreciate your help.



Hi - Hot Removing a shelf isnt supported. Have you created LUN's and Volumes on your Aggregates? How much data is on the 2024. Are you able to migrate the data off and then rebuild the current system?

You have mixed the SATA and SAS Disks in the same RAID Group. Really you needed to create a separate Aggr for the larger 2TB disk.


Martin ,

Thank you for your reply.

FAS2024 has 14TB data and it has volumes and LUNs. I will not be able to migrate data and rebuild the system.

I have not mixed the SATA and SAS.


Ok - What are the size of the disks in the extra temp shelf.

If you re not able to migrate data them there is little you can do. The only way realistically to resolve this, is to move the data and recreate the aggregates, with the correct RG sizings.


It has 24 disks and each disk 600GB.


whats the output of your sysconfig?

Either way you will have to move or copy data and reconstruct the aggregates. Adding a new shelf and failing disks so the system rebuilds using a correct sized disk still poses an issue when you want to remove the shelf. if you create a new aggregate, you need to move the data.


Can you please attach the output of the following commands?

'aggr status -r'

'disk show -n'

Want to get a clear picture of what your current raid group and aggregate configurations are.