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Moving FAS2020 to new power source


Newbie here,

I have a cluster with 2 production dual-head Netapp FAS2020 which I need to move the power cables to a new power source.

The FAS2020s each have 2 power supplies. I was thinking of just unplugging the power cord from one power supply at a time and plugging it in to the new power source. Then, doing the same to the other power cord from the other power supply. Theoretically I would think that it shouldnt interrupt service in any way.

Would this work or are there any procedures to be followed before i do this?



This should work without issue.  Should is a big word here, you still want a change control if you require them as Murphy will take the moment you pull the first PSU to strike and have the second PSU fail.  This is highly unlikely, but there would be the potential as there is a small surge in draw when going from dual PSUs to a single.

run "environment status chassis" to make sure both PSUs are in "OK" status before the move

move the first PSU, run "environment status chassis" after, again ensure both PSUs are "OK"

I would play it very safe here, move PSU 1, wait 5 mins, then move PSU2(no reason other than to make sure the levels all had a chance to level and adjust.)

move the second PSU, run "environment status chassis" and again verify "OK" status