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the possibility of changing the physical sector size of a disk


is there a possibility of changing the physical sector size of a disk.




We have a Netapp/Nimble setup with 2016 Datacenter cluster, when configuring storage replication between the servers we are encountering an issue which points to the physical sector not matching on the Netapp which displays using Fsutil as 4k and the nimble is 512.


We cannot change the nimble size but have been advised that there may be a way to change the Netapp to be compatible with the nimble.


Could you inform us if this is possible without changing physical disks and if so outline the steps to change this to allow the storage replica within 2016 to complete its setup.



Hi there,


I think there's a few aspects missing from this question - specifically I think you are probably talking about LUN block size, which doesn't (directly) relate to actual disk blocks. Someone you are talking to may have misunderstood some of nimble's marketing - they used to love saying how NetApp "only" did 4K blocks, while nimble could do "variable length blocks" (which are then written to disk in 4K chunks.. like NetApp systems, but I digress..)


The short answer is no - the block size is not changable on the NetApp side.


But the longer answer is to try to understand how the storage is being used and what problems are being seen.


Are you running Storage Replica on the Windows server, with an aim to multisite replication? What problems are you seeing? Slow initial sync? What sort of performace are you getting? What level do you expect? What is your WAN/LAN connectivity like?