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vSphere ESXi 5.5 to Clustered Data Ontap 8.3 SVM unable to connect NFS server


Hi ...


I have a question, we have a FAS2552 with 24 1.2TB SAS disk @10K RPM.  we configured the FAS2552 using cDOT 8.3RC2 (I upgraded the system from RC1).

In this system we have Advanced Partitioning Drive, using a partitions in each drive for aggr0 in each controller for operating system ONTAP.

The disk are owned for each controllers;  the even drives for controller B and odd drives for controller A (or viceversa ...  ),  well, with the other space in each drive we created two aggregates;  aggr1 in controller A and agg1 in controller B.  Each aggr1 have 12 disk; 1 spare, RAID 6 and data. 


I would like to know what is going to be the best way to create the LUNs for vSphere configuration.  This cluster is going to be used in vSphere 5.5 solution (3 Cisco C240 servers connected using 1 Gbps NICs).  Each server has two 1 Gbps adapters dedicated to iSCSI and the FAS2552 controllers has two 10 Gbps connected to Nexus 3048 in LACP and VLANs interfaces defined for iSCSI, management and data (VLANs for MGMT, vMotion, FTlog, NFS, users, servers and IP Telefony).


Well The question is;  I have 1 vserver for iSCSI, in this vserver I assigned the aggr1 of each controllers.  

I'm going to create the LUNs,  what is the best way ?  :

- 1 Volume per aggregate and create the LUNs in this volume for vSphere.

- 1 Volume per aggregate per LUN;  1 volume with 1 LUN each.


Is there any performance considerations related with volumes and LUNs layout ? 


Thanks in advance ...