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what is v-series capacity utility rate when backed array is EMC DMX


IHAC want to confirm the v-series capacity utility rate.

Customer want 110TB usable capacity, and backend array may be EMC or HDS.

the 110TB usable capacity must be guaranteed.

For example,  if utility rate is 80%, customer will let backend array provide 110/0.8=137.5TB storage.

So what is the v-series capacity utility rate ?



"Usable" space is difficult to accurately say, if DeDupe or Thin Provisioning (or both) are being used.  Could be as little as %78 of the space provisioned to us (no NetApp features used), or as much as %1000 of the space provisioned to us (large VDI deployments with DeDupe). 

Of course, if Snapshots are being used and a true apples-to-apples comparison is made, even our worst case will exceed %100 of what the same storage presented directly to a host would provide.   I would encourage you to frame discussions around capacity in those terms.  Yes, we will take a little off the top, but we'll pay it forward many times over if you leverage the storage efficiencies DataONTAP can provide.

The "overheads", such as they are, are discussed in detail in section 7.4 of TR-3461 (V-Series Best Practice Guide)


Good luck!

Dan Isaacs

V-Series Tech Marketing



I'll add that the default values for Snap Reserves are generally not used.  Blocks deployments (FCP/iSCSI/FCOE) would not use any Snap Reserve, and Aggr Snap Reserves are generally only used for SyncMirror (ie. MetroCluster) deployments.  So for a blocks deployment the "raw" delta would be ## - (right-sizing) - (Checksums) - (WAFL).  WAFL is %11, Checksums are %12.5, and right-sizing depends on the array type (see table in Section 7.1 of the TR above)

Hope that helps.