Object Storage

SGrid new primary Admin Node SG100 no option to upload RecoveryPackage


Hi, we installed a new SG100 as a replacement for a VM based primary Admin. 

We followed the docs.netapp procedure, downloaded the recoverypackage. 

Powered down the VM. 

Prepared the new Primary Admin Aplliance with LACP Bonds, IPs etc..started the installation on the new window we selected

"Recover a failed Primary Admin" and the next page doesn´t give us the chance of "Browse" and uploading. It directly says: "The recovery Information is being retrieved. Please wait.." we tried with 2 different clients and 3 different browsers. Already rebootet the SG100 and did the basic installation again, same problem. We aso waited about 60 Minutes. 

A Case is open, but perhaps someone had the same issue and can support us? 



Any progress with the case you opened? you mind sharing the case number?