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StorageGrid : grafana dashboard using Prometheus server/data show Tenant/Buckets capacity


I did setup prometheus datasource in grafana and download the SG dashboard - all working - but i need a dashboard to see Tenant/Buckets capacity . i have no idea what prometheus matrix to select to give me that info "Tenant/Buckets capacity"


I need help there






not sure as I have not used prometheus


but if you cannot figure it maybe you could use a python script to export sizes to a influx db and then graph that.


if you look here its a good start.




that will get you the size for each tenant. It should be pretty easy add buckets and sizes..


Thank you but i am try to use json format to get the capacity info




yeah ok.. good luck,,


You would think how StorageGRID is setup to be fully multi-tenant Netapp would include some simple

tools to get dumps out to make usage/customer billing a lot easier.


even a dump to CSV and then we can use API/ansible to call it

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