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ACP Configuration question

Okay, so I understand ACP and why it is needed, but there is not much clarity about how the ACP network is seen from anything other than the storage system.  My question is, when ACP is configured, is the ACP subnet only relevant to the storage system (i.e. can only be seen through System Manager / ops manager), or should this subnet be identified within a multimode VIF (for example) so that it is reachable from the LAN ?

Also, all documentation I've seen relates to the 4243 disk shelf, but I see from the 2012 Hardware Universe, the 2246 shelf also is capable of supporting ACP?

Many Thanks



Re: ACP Configuration question

Hi Dominic,


The ACP subnet is a private Ethernet network that enables the ACP processor in the SAS module to communicate both with Data ONTAP and with the SAS IOMs in the disk shelves. This network is separate from the I/O data path that connects the disk shelves to the HBA on the storage controller.

With regards to DS2246 - I believe ACP cabling is no different to DS4243, described here:




Re: ACP Configuration question

Thanks Radek,

I'd read the bit about it being a 'private network' but was not sure whether this just meant as a private RFC1918 network, or 'private' to the storage system.  Thanks fro clearing that up.