DFM not discovering SnapVault as external relationship

Hi all,

I've been trying for a few days now, but unfortunalty, I haven't been successful.

I have the current situation:

I have a vFiler vfiler-clemens on host filer2

# dfm volume list | grep vfiler-clemens

10931 vfiler-clemens:/vfiler_cle_test      Flexible     32_bit     No

10927 vfiler-clemens:/vfiler_clemens_root_1 Flexible     32_bit     No

Then I have a SnapVault configured from filer2 -> filer5 on the test volume:

# filer2 snapvault status | grep vfiler_cle_test

filer2:/vol/vfiler_cle_test                                                         filer5:/vol/byd_arch_backup/.                                        Source         04:41:14   Idle

# filer5 snapvault status | grep vfiler_cle_test                                                                      filer5:/vol/byd_arch_backup/.                                                                 Snapvaulted    04:41:16   Idle

The SnapVault releationship was established manually on CLI and uses the ndmpd.preferred_interface. I've been waiting for several hours now, but the Mgmt Console doesn't show the relationship under Data -> External Relationship. Am I missing something?

# dfm version

dfm 4.0.1 (4.0.1D2)

Any help is appreciated. Why does DFM not discover the relationship? My ultimate goal is to migrate the vFiler to another controller. Migration should also transfer and adjust the SnapVault relationships. Is that even possible?



Re: DFM not discovering SnapVault as external relationship


Re: DFM not discovering SnapVault as external relationship

Found the solution: (

The SnapVaults need to originate from Qtree "-", .e.g.

  1. filer2:/vol/vfiler_cle_test/-                                                         filer5:/vol/byd_arch_backup/.                                        Source         04:41:14   Idle