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DFM reports - size reporting

Is there a way to have DFM reports generate capacity in just GBs or just TBs?

Aggregate Space AvailableAggregate Total SpaceAggregate Used Capacity
2.55 TB9.61 TB7.06 TB
189 GB191 GB2.02 GB
650 GB11.0 TB10.3 TB
1007 GB3.10 TB2.12 TB


Re: DFM reports - size reporting


This can be done in custom report.

You can specify the unit(GB, TB etc) you want under "Choose Formatting to Apply on Field".



Re: DFM reports - size reporting

What is the 'dfm report modify' syntax for reporting everything is GB? I also noticed there is no consistency with significant figures. I guess once the report is generated Excel can be used to round off figures for a clean report.