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Dell/Equallogic performance at scale

Does anyone have any experience with scaling Equallogic beyond 3 or 4 nodes?  Does the performance scale beyond a couple of nodes?  Or does it start to drop in performance beyond three or four?  Most articles that test Equallogic speak positively to their performance, but they usually only test with one or two nodes.  Seems like GigE on the backend would be a limiting factor to linear scaling beyond a couple of boxes.


Re: Dell/Equallogic performance at scale

If the memory serves me right, the maximum number of nodes in Equallogic setup is 3.

Re: Dell/Equallogic performance at scale

Thank you for the reply.

Do you know if that is documented?  Or is this from experience?


Re: Dell/Equallogic performance at scale

I haven't got anything written in hand, but this is what I remember as a feature of their architecture - maximum three nodes working as a single logical entity.

Try their web pages for some docs.