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Favorite Export Method

Operations Manager exports in a delimited format when you click on the "Link to graph data in spreadsheet format" button. Reports can also be exported in csv, html, text, perl, xls, and xml (with supporting css file!). Often, users will employ perl to "massage" the xml into specific formats such as MS Word xml and then use that xml to populate audit documents, for example. Another use of xml is to combine it with a css (Cascading Style Sheet format) file and incorporate it with a "web dashboard."

Do you export data from Operations Manager? What format do you export in most often? How do you use that exported data?


Re: Favorite Export Method

We use xls and parse the result automatically in SQL2005 (a script that runs every day).

Re: Favorite Export Method

Using the 'dfm graph' command, you can also get the graph images shown in Ops Manager UI.

dfm graph [<options>] <graph-name> <name-or-id-to-graph> 
The options are
-s <start-date>
-e <end-date>
-D <date-format>
-F <output-format>

The &lt;output-format&gt; is the type of format in which the output will be generated. Supported output formats are text, html, csv, xls, png and gif.

The output for html, png and gif is in binary format and needs to be redirected to a file with proper extension to open it.

For example, to see the output of the graph 'volume-usage'

in gif format, issue the command like below

$ dfm graph -F gif volume-usage &gt; graph.gif