Modify chart display size

Is it possible to modify the display size of the chart?   When I create a chart, either the chart itself or parts of the axis descriptions are cutoff.

Re: Modify chart display size

By default, Query studio selects all the data in a column to create a chart which affects the chart display.This can be overcome by filtering the data based on a given criteria like capacity range,storage systems  by location, groups and then creating a chart on the filtered data.

Re: Modify chart display size

I've already applied the needed amount of filter to the data. 

So there is no way to have the chart size automatically adjust based on the amount of data selected?  FYI - this is for HTML display of the chart.  If I run the report and specify Excel as the output format, Excel will let me manipulate the chart as needed.

Additionally, is there any way to modify what's printed for the axis labels?

Re: Modify chart display size

1. Adjusting chart size

- This is not possible with the query studio. The chart size is automatically selected based on the data

2. Axis labels

- Yes, you can edit and modify (double click on the column name) the column name, which gets automatically reflected on the axis labels.