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Move Volumes & preserve history on Operation Manager


I would like to move some volumes on some filers... but I wan to preserve the history for these volumes on Operation Manager (DFM). Is it possible ? How to do it ?




Re: Move Volumes & preserve history on Operation Manager

Currently it is not possible to preserve the history of the volumes, if you move the volumes.



Re: Move Volumes & preserve history on Operation Manager

Moving volumes using Vfiler migration feature (of DFM/Provisioning Manager 3.8) and DataMotion of Ontap 7.3.3 with Provisioning Manager 4.0 you can migrate you volumes seamlessly and at the same time have the volume

history transferred, in other words preserved.

But the above requires the volume to be owned by a Vfiler hosted on a Filer running Data Ontap 7.3.1 for Offline Vfiler Migration and 7.3.3 for Data Motion/Online Vfiler migration.

Another way is to use secondary storage migration feature of Protection Manager 4.0 and migrate the volume, this only requires Async Snapmirror on the filers between which the volumes are moved

and the volume being migrated should not have any client facing protocols.

When SSM is used, volume history data is preserved.