OSSV - PM integration

IHAC that would like to buy our OSSV & Protection Manager solution for round about 300+ remote office servers. On each of this Windows 2003 server they are running CIFS file service and a small Oracle DB. Now I get the following technical questions from the customer.

a) How can we do backups of the Oracle DB with OSSV and PM integration?

b) Do we have an opportunity with Protection Manager to run some “Pre” and “Post” script or commands for starting and stopping the database?

c) Is their a limit in the number of OSSV clients per protection manager?

Any response is appreciated. Thx!

Re: OSSV - PM integration

Strickly speaking PM is not needed to do OSSV / Oracle integration.

Have a look at this:

Although the doc title says "for UNIX" you can find there this promising paragraph:

"The scripts contained in the appendix can easily be converted to a form usable on Windows® platforms with the addition of a UNIX toolkit or a PERL interpreter and the ONTAPI™ management interface libraries."



Re: OSSV - PM integration


many thanks for your quick reply. Good catch.

But the customer requirement is to have all the OSSV and Snapvault relationships in PM.

Without the PM integration I think it is very complex to handle 300+ ossv clients and it make it error prone.

Re: OSSV - PM integration

You can configure a script to run before an OSSV backup starts and after it completes as part of the data protection policy.  These scripts will run on the Protection Manager server so you'd need a way to call out to the Windows host in order to quiesce Oracle.  With something like that, you should be able to manage the deployment you've described.

I can't 100% say whether this will scale to 300 hosts.  We have a sizing guide but the answer to all performance questions is "it depends".  We should talk off-line about how well our scalability tests match this configuration.

Re: OSSV - PM integration


b) Do we have an opportunity with Protection Manager to run some “Pre” and “Post” script or commands for starting and stopping the database?

yes use the backup script that can be run from the policy.
[root@lnx ~]# dfpm policy node set
Valid options are
  nodeName                  Node Name
  hourlyRetentionCount      Hourly Retention Count
  hourlyRetentionDuration   Hourly Retention Duration
  dailyRetentionCount       Daily Retention Count
  dailyRetentionDuration    Daily Retention Duration
  weeklyRetentionCount      Weekly Retention Count
  weeklyRetentionDuration   Weekly Retention Duration
  monthlyRetentionCount     Monthly Retention Count
  monthlyRetentionDuration  Monthly Retention Duration
  backupScriptPath          Backup Script Path<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<path for the script
  backupScriptRunAs         Backup Script Run As<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<username with which the script should be run.
  failoverScriptPath        Failover Script Path
  failoverScriptRunAs       Failover Script Run As
  snapshotScheduleId        Snapshot Schedule Id
  snapshotScheduleName      Snapshot Schedule Name
  lagWarningEnabled         Warning Lag Enabled
  lagWarningThreshold       Warning Lag Threshold
  lagErrorEnabled           Error Lag Enabled
  lagErrorThreshold         Error Lag Threshold



Re: OSSV - PM integration

Hi Pete, Hi Adaikkappan,

Sounds good. That is what I want to hear. Thanks for your reply.